Middle School Sports

At MAK we value athletics as an integral part of students educational experience. Athletics are to contribute to the development of biblical character traits such as good sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, discipline, and self-control. We encourage anyone who wants to be on an after school sports team to participate. Every athlete on the team should receive playing time in every game (although not necessarily equal playing time). Students in the program compete in a friendly tournament at the end of each season with other international schools on the island. Morrison Academy is a full member of the Taiwan International School Sports Association (TISSA). Every year, the Middle School Sharks compete in four different sport disciplines – Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, and Basketball. These sporting events are held in various cities around the island and are spread out across the organization’s athletic calendar. Some students also do participate in cross-country and track and have the opportunity to go to various meets.

The Middle School sports seasons are as follows:

Sport Season Duration
Soccer Quarter 1
Softball Quarter 2
Volleyball Quarter 3
Basketball Quarter 4

Our vision for sports at MAK is that kids will learn to HONOR GOD, SERVE OTHERS, PLAY HARD!