Social Studies

This year, Miss Laura Foster will teach Middle and High School Social Studies classes at MAK. Social studies instruction at Morrison unites two important elements. One is acquiring a solid knowledge base of historical, social, economic, geographic, and governmental concepts. The other is applying this knowledge base to life situations using a global Christian perspective and advanced thinking skills. Christians as citizens of the kingdom of God must live out their faith ethically, morally, and wisely in the kingdoms of mankind.

Though we use a United States based curriculum, we realize the importance of a global approach to history, democratic governments, and geography in meeting the needs of our diverse population. Morrison students and teachers come from dozens of home countries; this wealth of culture and experience adds perspective and color to the learning experience.

Last year, MAK students applied their learning in many ways. One of the most exciting was the Spring 30 Hour Famine, a multinational event raising money for deprived children worldwide. Students also visited the Chi-Mei museum, historical sites in Tainan, and AVRDC, a local research facility dedicated to fighting poverty in third-world nations through improved agricultural practices.

We plan to provide similar learning opportunities this year, as well, beginning with a Grade Seven culture trip to Lukang and Taipei in the Fall.