8th Graders Have Even More Fun

Welcome to the third year of middle school – Eighth Grade! Eighth Grade is a time when children are becoming young men and women, and are gaining confidence in their abilities and knowledge. This year is the last before high school begins, and with that important step in mind, we will aim at excellence in body, mind and spirit!

During this year, the Eighth Graders will be serving in the community, engaging in athletic competition, and going on musical performance trips. The goal of each of these is to give students the ability to learn real-life lessons outside of the walls of the classroom, in order to develop character.

In Eighth grade, we continue the Quarter Course exploratory program, which offers a mix of classes including art, drama, Photoshop, pod-casting, and much more. Students get a chance to try different subjects and learn to develop creativity and initiative.

Within our classes, Eighth graders will be analyzing the Declaration of Independence, studying the New Testament, understanding and identifying theme, irony, and symbolism in literature, the physical sciences and solving complicated equations in their Math classes. We are looking forward to a year of challenge and promise!