8th Graders Have Even More Fun

Welcome to the third year of middle school – Eighth Grade! Eighth Grade is a time when children are becoming young men and women, and are gaining confidence in their abilities and knowledge. This year is the last before high school begins, and with that important step in mind, we will aim at excellence in […]

It's Time for 7th Grade

Seventh Grade is a time when children begin to make lifelong choices, and we aim to help them do that by educating them in a nurturing, Christian environment. This is also a year where there are lots of exciting and interesting events to look forward to, a new and vigorous curriculum to learn, and new […]

5th Grade is About...

5th grade is a time of preparation for middle school.   This year we will focus on our students becoming bright and shining stars.  Philippians 2:15 says, “so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the […]


MAK has always been known for its strong music program. With a wide range of musical classes and activities, our students have lots of opportunities to perform. Many students take advantage of the private lessons offered on a range of instruments from guitar to cello and percussion to woodwinds. There are also vocal lessons for […]

Computers and Technology

Students at Morrison Academy Kaohsiung are immersed in a culture of learning through technology.  Every classroom has a SmartBoard and projector system for interactive lessons.  Every teacher has their own laptop and can be ready to teach in any room at any time with our new docking system.  Our school boasts a full computer lab […]


MORRISON ACADEMY ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING Purpose 目標 To enable students to become fluent and comfortable with the English language in social and academic settings. At the end of their time in the program, the ELL students should be confident to function independently at a grade-appropriate level. 幫助學生不論在社交及課程學習的環境中,習慣自然使用英文,進而可以獨立自主學習,跟上自己同年級的程度。 ELL Curriculum 課程 The ELL curriculum, developed by […]

Social Studies

This year, Miss Laura Foster will teach Middle and High School Social Studies classes at MAK. Social studies instruction at Morrison unites two important elements. One is acquiring a solid knowledge base of historical, social, economic, geographic, and governmental concepts. The other is applying this knowledge base to life situations using a global Christian perspective […]


Mr. Bradburn teaches 6th grade Earth Science, 7th grade Life Science, 8th grade Physical Science, and 9th grade Biology.  Students will learn science is through combining classroom knowledge with practical application.  This will be done through laboratory practice, computer Web Quests, virtual laboratories, current research using internet resources, project based learning, field trips and guest […]


MAK offers a very vigorous and interactive math program. Students are challenged with critical thinking, story problems and real-life applications. Our program uses the McDougal Littel series of middle school and high school courses. The 6th and 7th grade courses cover the five major strands of mathematics; Numerical and Proportional Reasoning, Algebraic Reasoning, Geometry and […]