October 22, 2020


Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences

The Sign-Ups for tomorrow’s Parent-Teacher Conferences are now CLOSED. If you need to cancel an appointment, please contact the office at mak@mac.org.tw.

We still have available spots for our Parent Information Sessions. Click on the links below to read the full description and to sign-up!


Library Topics with Mrs. Christina Stowers (AM) (at 9:00am & 10:30am)

Library Topics with Mrs. Linda Gregg (PM) (at 1:00pm  & 2:00pm)

Parenting Tips with Mr. Matt Newkirk (at 8:45am & 12:30pm)

Embracing our Purpose and Joy in the Parenting Journey with Mrs. Melonie Tam
(at 9:30am & 1:20pm)

Kids and Technology with Mr. Mike Chan (at 10:45am & 2:30pm)

*all sessions will be given in English only





圖書館專題/主講人:Mrs. Christina Stowers (上午場) (上午 9:00 以及 10:30)

圖書館專題/主講人:Mrs. Linda Gregg (下午場) (下午 1:00 以及 2:00)

教養小撇步/主講人:Mr. Matt Newkirk (上午 8:45 以及 下午 12:30)

在教養的路上擁抱我們的初衷及喜悅/主講人:Mrs. Melonie Tam
(上午 9:30 以及 下午1:20)

我們的孩子與3C/主講人:Mr. Mike Chan (上午 10:45 以及 下午2:30)



Quarter 1 Report cards can now be accessed electronically in Powerschool. Please follow the steps below to view the report cards. Elementary School MasteryConnect reports will be delivered to you via email.  


  • Log into PowerSchool.  You must log into PowerSchool through a web browser, either on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.  You will NOT find the Report cards in the PowerSchool APP.
  • On the left-hand side of your screen, you should see an icon labeled REPORT CARD. If you don’t see the icon, look for a small gray arrow near the top left of your screen.  Click on this arrow to reveal many options, including the Report Card icon.
  • Click on the arrow icon: if the report is ready, it will appear.  
  • If you can not remember your login or password, follow the instructions on the login page to retrieve the information.


  • 登錄到PowerSchool。您必須用手機、平板、筆電或桌上型電腦登錄到PowerSchool瀏覽頁面。您將無法從PowerSchool的應用程式中找到成績單。
  • 在您螢幕的左方,您應該可以看到一個顯示“成績單”的圖案及標示。如果您看不到該圖標,請在螢幕左上方附近找到一個灰色的小箭頭。 點擊此箭頭來顯示更多選項,包括“成績單”的圖標。
  • 點擊此圖標後,如果成績單已經備妥,您就可以看到成績單了。
  • 如果您忘記登錄帳號或密碼,請按照登錄頁面上的說明復取信息。



The MAK ANNUAL FAMILY DAY tickets are now on sale at the Front Office! Adult Tickets =  NT$200; Children 5 years and older =  NT$100; Children under 5  = FREE!
It is still not too late to sign up to be a volunteer and get a free admission ticket. Click here for more information.
家庭日的門票現在已經在辦公室開賣了喔!成人票 = 200元台幣;五歲以上的兒童票 = 100元台幣;五歲以下(包含五歲)的兒童 = 免費!


Dear MAK Family,
It’s time for our Annual Family Day again! As usual, we need your valuable time to help us make this event an unforgettable experience. Please select the roles you’re interested in assisting. (Yes, you can choose more than one. Just make sure there’s no conflict of schedule.)
After you submit your selection, you will receive an email confirmation with the slots you have signed up for. Please remember to be at your post on time.
As a thank-you, you will receive FREE admission to Family Day on Saturday, October 24, 2:00-5:00pm.
Thank you so much for being willing to offer your support. We can’t do this without your help!

Click to Sign -Up here


親愛的 MAK 大家庭,
又到了一年一度的園遊會 (家庭日) 了!依照往常,我們需要您寶貴的時間來幫忙協助,讓這個活動成為難忘的回憶。請選擇您有興趣幫忙的項目。(可以複選,但請確定沒有時間上的衝突。)


Book Fair happening this week!
Feel free to drop in the Library tomorrow during Parent Teacher Conferences!


Thank you to all those who ordered from the Scholastic Book Club. The books should arrive within the next couple of weeks! 


MAK’s Photography Club is selling postcards! During these times of COVID-19, it can be hard for people to visit Taiwan, so we’re helping you send Taiwan to loved ones abroad! There are six 2020 limited edition postcards with beautiful photos taken by club members. Pre-orders and purchases can be made via this Google Form or with one of our student reps during Family Day! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our club president Maggie: tsaim3@mca.org.tw

高中部的攝影社即將發售由他們的作品製成的明信片。在這陣子疫情的影響下,許多人錯失了來台灣欣賞大自然美景的機會,因此,我們希望能藉由這些明信片傳遞你們的消息給國外的親朋好友們。一組明信片有六張社員的作品,請由以下連結預購,或是在家庭日時向我們的學生代表訂購。如果您有任何問題,請直接聯繫社長Maggie: tsaim3@mca.org.tw

New Shark Shop T-Shirts: Various Colors. Unisex, Youth, Ladies Cut
Shark Shop 新T恤:多種顏色。男女通用尺寸、青少年尺寸、女性版型。

Middle School Soccer Games

On Tuesday, October 27, MS Girls Soccer teams will play at KAS from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. MAK will provide transportation by bus to KAS after school for the games. However, parents are responsible to pick students up after the game. If a parent is unable to arrange transportation for their child, please let us know by emailing Mr. Gregg (greggj@mca.org.tw) and the student will not be permitted to go to the game and will go home as usual.
On Thursday, October 29, MS Boys Soccer teams will play at MAK from 3:20-4:20pm.
The TISSA MS Soccer Tournament will be on Saturday, November 7th. More information will be sent home next week. 


在十月27日(二),下午四點到五點,中學女足校隊將到高雄美國學校舉型足球比賽。學校將在放學後,提供前往高雄美國學校的交通,但是家長必須在賽事結束後負責接送孩子回家如果父母無法為孩子安排賽後的交通,請電郵知會Mr. Gregg(greggj@mca.org.tw)。該學生將無法參加比賽,並照常在放學後回家。目前,由於冠狀病毒的預防措施,高雄美國學校不允許任何觀眾進場觀賽。若有任何異動,Mr. Gregg將發送更多相關訊息。目前只有球員和教練能夠進入他們的校園。 謝謝您的諒解。
TISSA 中學足球比賽將於十一月7日(六)舉行。下週將會有更多相關消息。

This past weekend was a great one for MAK athletics. Our JV Girls Volleyball team brought home the championship trophy after bouncing back admirably to beat teams that they had lost to previously including IIS and MAC whom they defeated in the final. CONGRATULATIONS JV GIRLS!

Our Varsity Girls also made it to the finals of the Varsity tournament.  In the semi final they took down the number 1 seeded team in the TISSA northern conference, TES.  However they were unable to find a way to win against MAC finishing in a very respectable 2nd place. 

Basketball has already started this week with the first day of tryouts being held on Monday. Teams will be announced at the end of the week. If you have any questions about the selection process then please feel free to contact Mr. Owen (owenn@mca.org.tw)




籃球季已經在本週開始,週一進行了第一天的選拔賽。球隊將在本週結束時宣布。如果您對選拔過程有任何疑問,請隨時與Mr. Owen聯繫(owenn@mca.org.tw)。

The swim team has had two fantastic meets so far. Swimmers all made personal bests in both meets.