March 5, 2020





Middle School volleyball Exchange is happening on Saturday, March 7th @ MAC, bus sign ups and information was sent out by Mr. Gregg. Please contact if you have any questions.

三月7日(六)將在MAC舉辦中學部排球交換賽。Mr. Gregg已經寄出交通車登記表以及報名等訊息。如有任何問題請與Mr. Gregg聯繫



MAK MATH CLUB Pi Day Pies 數學社圓周率日(3.14)

Thank you for your support! The Math Club will be delivering your pre-ordered homemade pies on Friday, March 13th in the MPR. If you didn’t already pre-order or if you want to buy more, there will be a limited number of pies for sale at lunch and after school (while supplies last). 





Do you love basketball? Want to show your Shark spirit? We have a special opportunity waiting for you!!! MAK is looking for basketball coaches for our 6th Grade and 7th Grade Girls’ basketball teams. MAK parents are welcome. Please contact Jason Gregg at if you are interested!  您熱愛籃球嗎?想要展現您的鯊魚精神嗎?我們有一個很特別的機會正等著您!MAK正在尋找籃球教練來指導我們六、七年級的女籃


The MAK HS Art Club is hosting our 3rd annual Spring Art Show! This year, the suggested theme is “Embracing Our Differences”. The exhibition will begin on March 27 (Parent Teacher Conference Day) and end in 2 weeks. 

To get your artwork showcased, participate in the Spring Art Competition! All themes and mediums are welcome. Artists are encouraged but not restricted to follow the suggested theme: Embracing Our Differences. Placed artists in the following categories—each Elementary grade, grades 6~8, and in High school—will receive awards and prizes. The artwork that best represents “Embracing Our Differences” will get an exclusive reward. Please submit your artwork to Ms. Newkirk by March 16

Please contact MAK HS Art Club at with your questions and concerns. Thank you! 


請報名參加春季藝術賽以獲得參展機會。請於3/16前繳交作品給Mrs. Newkirk。 我們鼓勵參賽作品以建議主題「擁抱差異」進行創作,但可以自由發揮,並不侷限於此主題。高中、國中,和小學的各個年級將會選出前三名優秀作品,優勝者將會獲頒獎品。 全部參賽作品中,最符合主題「擁抱差異」的作品將獲頒春季藝術展中的卓越獎。



The Shark Review: MAK文學雜誌春季詩集 「似曾相識」


Results from Last Week’s Events 上週賽事快報

MAK track and field went to Taichung Monday evening. Following are some of their results:
Annette Huang, 2nd place in the girls 200 meter with 29.6 seconds and 400 meter race with at time of 1:04.5.
Eric Sato, 1st place boys 100 meter with 11.5 seconds, 1st place boys 200 meter with a time of 25.0.
Eason Chen ran a 12.5 sec 100 meter and placed 6th as well as a 28.6 200 meter.
TJ Lowe 1st place boys Mile with a time of 5:28.3, 1st place boys 3000 meter with a time of 10:43.5
George Laytham 3rd place boys mile with a time of 5:44.0, 3rd place boys 3000 meter with a time of 11:06.6
Sam Wyss ran a 6:20.5 for 7th place in boys mile, 4th place 3000 meters with a time of 11:44.4
Jeffrey Borchardt 11th place boys mile with a 6:37.3
William Peng ran a 8:19.9 mile and clocked 13:41.4 in the 3000 meter.
Boys 4×100 meter team composed of Eric Sato, Eason Chen, Daniel Lee and Silas Laytham tied for first place with a time of 48.9 seconds.
Boys 4×200 meter team composed of Eric Sato, Eason Chen, Daniel Lee and Silas Laytham placed second with a time of 1:44.9
Charlie Sween took 6th in the shot put with a throw of 10.03 meters, Conor Grimes took 10th in the shot put with a throw of 9.7 meters and Jacob Clemente put up a mark of 5.23.
Sam Wyss placed 6th in the javelin with a throw of 26.87, Jacob Clemente put up a mark of 14.26
In the men’s discus, Conor Grimes placed 5th with a throw of 28.52, Charlie Sween recorded a throw of 18.14 and Jacob Clemente put up a mark of 9.4 meters.

Annette Huang:以200公尺跑出29.6秒及400公尺跑出1分4.5秒的成績獲得女子組第二名
Eric Sato:以100公尺跑出11.5秒及200公尺跑出25.0秒的成績獲得男子組第一名
Eason Chen: 以100公尺跑出12.5秒及200公尺跑出28.6秒的成績獲得男子組第六名
TJ Lowe: 以一英里跑出5分28.3秒及3000公尺跑出10分43.5秒的成績獲得男子組第一名
George Laytham: : 以一英里跑出5分44秒及3000公尺11分6.6秒的成績獲得男子組第三名
Sam Wyss: 以一英里跑出6分20.5秒成績獲得男子組第七名及3000公尺跑出11分44.4秒的成績獲得男子組第四名
Jeffrey Borchardt: : 以一英里跑出6分37.3秒的成績獲得男子組第十一名
William Peng: 跑出一英里8分19.9秒和3000公尺13分31.4秒的成績
男生4×100公尺接力隊裡有Eric Sato、 Eason Chen、Daniel Lee,和Silas Laytham以48.9秒的成績獲得第二名
男生4×200公尺接力隊裡有Eric Sato、Eason Chen、Daniel Lee,和Silas Laytham以1分44.9秒的成績獲得第二名
Charlie Sween: 以鉛球10.03公尺的成績獲得第六名及鐵餅擲出18.14公尺的成績
Conor Grimes: 以鉛球9.7公尺的成績獲得第十名及鐵餅擲出28.52公尺的成績獲得第五名
Sam Wyss: 以標槍26.87公尺的成績獲得第六名
Jacob Clemente: 標槍擲出14.26公尺以及鐵餅擲出9.4公尺的成績