March 26, 2020





Quarter 3 Report cards can now be accessed electronically in Powerschool. Elementary School MasteryConnect reports will be delivered to you via email.  Please follow the steps below to view the report cards. 

  • Log into PowerSchool.  You must log into PowerSchool through a web browser, either on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.  You will NOT find the Report cards in the PowerSchool App.
  • On the left-hand side of your screen, you should see an icon labeled Report Card. If you don’t see the icon, look for a small gray arrow near the top left of your screen.  Click on this arrow to reveal many options, including the Report Card icon.
  • Click on the Report Card icon, if the report is ready, it will appear.  
  • If you can not remember your login or password, follow the instructions on the login page to retrieve the information.Please contact the office at if you would like to request a printed copy of the report card.


  • 登錄到PowerSchool。您必須用手機、平板、筆電或桌上型電腦登錄到PowerSchool的瀏覽頁面。您將無法從PowerSchool的手機應用程式中找到成績單。
  • 在您螢幕的左方,您應該可以看到一個顯示“成績單”的圖案及標示。如果您看不到該圖標,請在螢幕左上方附近找到一個灰色的小箭頭。 點擊此箭頭來顯示更多選項,包括“成績單”的圖標。
  • 點擊[Report Card]的圖標後,如果成績單已經備妥,您就可以看到成績單了。
  • 如果您忘記登錄帳號或密碼,請按照登錄頁面上的方式復取訊息。

如果您想索取紙本成績單,請透過 與辦公室洽詢 。



Registration Bills sent out 3/5 via postal mail

Dear Parents, the 2020-2021 Registration Fee Bills have been sent out on 3/5 via postal mail and electronically to your email, please check your mail box and let us know if you still HAVE NOT received your child’s Registration Bill by the end of this week. Registration fee is due before March 27th, students will receive a 5000NT discount on their 2020-2021 Fall tuition bill if the registration fee is paid on time.

親愛的家長, 2020-2021年度註冊單已於3月5日以平信及電子版寄出,請注意查收您家裏的信箱,若在本週五之前尚未收到註冊單的話請,讓務必告知辦公室。註冊費繳交截止日為三月27日,若在繳費截止日前完成繳納程序者,將給予2020-2021秋季學費減免5000元的優惠。


Please also remember to log into your PowerSchool parent account to update each of your child’s Registration Form, or fill out the Withdrawal Form if your child will not be returning next school year. The deadline is March 31st.

另外提醒您,請登入家長的Power School帳號,更新孩子新學年的註冊單、或轉出單。截止日:3/31.

Click here to watch a tutorial.  步驟教學請看此影片

*** The Registration Form is only available on the web and NOT on the App. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
***「註冊單」目前僅能用網頁版填寫,App 暫未支援。不便之處請見諒。

Online Learning Milk and Lunch Refund 線上學習週牛奶午餐退費
Normally, refunds for optional services are not offered, but due to the extended online learning period, Morrison is willing to reimburse the lunch and milk program fees for the 2 weeks of online learning. If you would like to claim a refund, please fill out the form below and the appropriate amount will be applied as a discount on next semester’s lunch program billing statement, issued this May. If your child is graduating or leaving Morrison, you may receive a cash refund. Please complete the form no later than March 27th so that the refund can be applied to your child’s 2020-21 Fall Tuition Bills. If you do not claim any refund or choose not to fill out this form, be assured that Morrison will put the money to good use to further enhance our cafeteria and/or food program. Thank you!
如果您的孩子這學期中午在學校用牛奶或者午餐,請見以下總務長的說明 (有關2/3-2/14兩週線上學習的餐費):