Thursday, August 22, 2019

Reminder from the Health Clinic! 保健室的提醒

Please remember if your child is a new student you need to turn in his/her health record form, complete with vaccine history and physical by Friday, August 31st! 


If you have misplaced that form, click this link for a digital copy for you to print.

​如果您找不到健康記錄表, 請點擊這裡再列印一份。

PAC Meeting 家長會

The PAC meeting will take place on Monday, August 26  at 1:00pm in the Garden Conference Room. This is a meeting for PAC members and Class Parents. Please contact your PAC representative if you would like to raise a concern. Please contact Krystine Tan ( with questions.

家長會即將在 8月 26日(一)下午一點花園會議室舉行。請注意,這是為家長會代表,以及各班級家長代表的會議,如果您不是班級或家長會代表,則毋需參加。若您有任何關於班級的問題,請聯絡各班級家長代表,或公關 Krystine  (。

As valuable members of the Morrison Family, we’d like to warmly invite you to the following Class Tea’s to keep informed on all the exciting things happening at MAK. Please mark these dates on your calendar! 

  • K – G2 Class Tea 1pm on Tues, 8/27 Location: Library
  • G3 – G5 Class Tea 1pm on Thurs, 8/29 Location: Library
  • Middle and High School Class Tea 3 pm on Thurs, 9/5 Location: MPR


  • 大班 ~ 二年級 「茶會」 8月27日(二) 下午1點 。地點:圖書館
  • 三 ~ 五年級 「茶會」 8月29日(四) 下午1點。地點:圖書館
  • 國高中「開學茶會」9月5日(四) 下午3點。地點:MPR

MAK has an official LINE account! We will use this account to send out View Only school-wide announcements, such as Typhoon Day, School Activities, etc. Please add this account to your LINE. Click here to view the latest update about school/work closures announced by the government.

MAK 開了一個LINE的官方帳號!我們將會以這個唯讀功能的官方帳號,向大家發布全校性,如颱風天及學校活動等等的相關訊息。因此,請各位家長記得將MAK的官方帳號加入您的LINE,才不會錯失重要訊息喔!


Bus information 校車相關事項

To register or modify bus services for your child (ie. sick days, early pick up by parents, family vacation days), please contact Queen Bus directly by phone (07) 392-5816 or email (

若要為您的孩子登記或是調整校車服務(如,病假、家長自行提早接回、家庭度假日),請直接與皇后巴士聯絡,可撥打電話 (07) 392-5816,或電郵(。