January 16, 2020

Half Day for Teachers’ PL – Thursday, January 23, 2020
較師半日在職訓練 – 一月23日(四),2020年

This is a reminder that Thursday, January 23rd will be a Half Day for Teachers’ PL Day. School will be dismissed at 11:40AM and the school buses will leave at 11:50AM.This is a system wide Professional Learning day for all teachers to meet, receive training, and learn from each other.

提醒您,1月23日(四),學生只上半天課,下午則是老師們的在職訓練。我們當天會在11:40放學, 校車則在11:50準時發車。教師在職訓練日是讓老師們受訓,互相觀摩及學習。

MAK will be closed from Friday, January 24 to Friday, January 31st, inclusive, for Chinese New Year Break.
Classes will resume on Monday, February 3, 2020. We wish you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year!

Please be advised that the ASA Payment Ticket was sent home with your Elementary child(ren) on Wednesday, January 15th. The ASA payment is only accepted with this Payment Ticket. You may pay in person at the Front Office or have your child submit the payment to their classroom teacher. Please be reminded that the deadline to pay is Monday, January 20th.
The ASA’s can be changed up to Friday, January 17th by contacting Ms. Joan Yang at yangj4@mca.org.twFor any other questions or concerns, please email yangj4@mac.org.tw.

請注意,ASA繳費單已於一月15日(三)讓您唸小學的孩子帶回家了。 請憑此ASA繳費單付款。 您可以親自到辦公室繳費,或者讓您的孩子將款項交給他們的班導。 請注意,繳款截止日為1月20日(一)

Clean Hands Save Lives! 乾淨的手可以挽救生命!

Remember to perform proper handwashing at home & at school. Wash those hands well with soap and water for at least 20 seconds!

請記住要在家中和學校進行正確的洗手。 請用至少20秒鐘用肥皂和水徹底洗乾淨雙手!

A gentle reminder from MAK Health Clinic

MAK 保健室的溫馨提示

Congratulations to these high school students for excellence in the classroom.

High Honors 最高榮譽獎 Honors 榮譽獎
Brandt, Elizabeth Chen, Andrew
Chao, Rex Chen, Matthew
Chen, Annie (Yenni) Daily, Hannah Grace
Chen, Elka Gregg, Ezra
Chen, Ilona (Ying lung) Huang, Alan
Chen, Megan Im, Grace (Eunhye)
Chen, Simba (Wei-Cen) Kim, Daniel (Hohun)
Chen, Yung-Chi (Estella) Kuo, Mitchell
Chien, Annabelle Lee, Anna
Chiu, Yun I (Luby) Lee, Daniel
Chuang, Diane (Tai-En) Lei, James
Clemente, Carmen Adelyn Mowery Liu, Eden (Hsin-En)
Clemente, Jacob Lu, Jonathan
Fang, Melody Muir, McKenna
Griffin, Emily Sato (Chang), Eric (Yilun)
Grimes, Conor Sato (Chang), Akari
Hsin, Raymond Shen, Pak-Wing Parker
Hsin, Richard Tai, Ethan (Yi Chen)
Hsu, Abraham Tsai, Alice (Ai-Ehn)
Hsu, Grace Tsai, Andre
Hsu, Joseph Wu, Alison
Huang, Annette Wu, Evan
Huang, Vince (Ting-Hsi) Yeh, Oscar
Juong, Clara (Hye Won)
Kim, Honggi
Kong, Jasmin (Ga Woen)
Kung, Rex (Heng-Chung)
Kuo, Charis
Kusaka, Liz (Okiyu)
Lai, Chloe
Lan, Max (Fu-Lin)
Laytham, Anna
Lee, Eric
Lee, Kathryn Sweet
Lim, Yosub
Lin, Alex
Lin, Yi-En
Liu, Gabrielle
Lowe, Tesfaye Joshua TJ
Miyazono, Serina
Peng, William
Shen, Jeffrey (Chun Yik)
Shibata, Koki
Shinogi, Momoko
Tai, Ann
Tam, Kristen
Tam, Mikayla
Tsai, Joseph
Tsai, Margaret
Tsai, Stephanie (Hsin-En)
Wang, Louis (Yi-Shian)
Wyss, Samuel (Sam)
Yang, Claire
Yang, Grace (Yu-Sing)
Yang, Hope (Yu-Sea)
Yang, Samuel
Yuan, Joshua


Dear MAK Parents and Students,

We are excited to announce that House Council is hosting our annual Talent Show “Rewind: Through the Decades” on February 22nd from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Please watch this video to understand this year’s theme. We would like to invite you and your family to join us at this event, where MAK students and the community will showcase their incredible talents. Prices for admission are as follows: 

Before 2/8: 200 NT per person
After 2/8: 300 NT per person

Please submit  a 2-5 minute audition video to makhouseco@mca.org.tw by January 17th.

Your ticket includes admission and 6 food or drink items. To order tickets, please complete this form and turn it in to the front office along with your payment. Ticket forms have been passed out to all grades and also are available in the front office. Performers, high school workers, and children under the age of 3 do not need to buy admission tickets. Families of performers and workers, however, must purchase tickets. 

We will not be using physical admission tickets this year. At the entrance, you will simply have to provide your student’s name and grade to be admitted. We also ask you to enter with your entire party. Note that only light snacks and drinks will be provided, so please consider having dinner before the show. Thank you again for your time and generosity, and we hope to see you there.

MAK High School House Council

親愛的家長們和學生們 ,您好 



請在一月17日(五)前將2-5分鐘的試鏡影片寄至 makhouseco@mca.org.tw



高中部學生會 敬上

MATH COMPETITION IS BACK! This year’s competition will be held on JANUARY 16TH & 17TH. The competition includes multiple-choice questions, team activities, and head-to-head rounds.  Grades K-3 will participate in non-competitive group activities. Grades 4-5 will be teamed up in collaborative group games but will also do individual tests. Middle schoolers will participate in both group and individual math activities. Top students from each middle school level will continue on to compete in the head-to-head contests.  We have had a blast in the past 6 years and we hope you will enjoy the upcoming one as well!
數學競賽又回來了!今年的比賽將於1月16日至17日舉行。比賽包括多選題,團隊活動和一對一決賽。 K-3年級將參加非競爭性的小組活動。 4-5年級會分成小組做一些團隊遊戲,但也會進行個別測試。中學生將參加小組和個人數學活動。每個中學部年級的頂尖學生將繼續參加完成一對一決賽。在過去的6年中,我們經歷了一場又一場精彩絕倫的數學競賽,希望您也會喜歡即將到來的競賽!

Results from Last Week’s Games 上週賽事快報

On Friday, January 10, Varsity Girls lost against MAC 39-58

On Saturday, January 11, Varsity Boys won against Youchang Junior High 53-49 after playing a fantastic game!