February 27, 2020




Teachers’ Professional Learning Days
Thursday, February 27 (half-day in the afternoon) & Friday, February 28 (all day)
教師專業教育訓練日 – 二月27日(星期四下午半天)以及二月28日(星期五整天),2020年

This is a reminder that Morrison will have Teachers’ PL Days on the afternoon of Thursday, February 27 and all day on Friday, February 28. School will be dismissed at 11:40AM on Thursday, February 27 and the school buses will leave at 11:50AM. There will be no change to the Thursday Late Start class time of 8:45AM. No classes will be held on Friday, February 28 and students will stay home. These Professional Learning days are system-wide designated times for all Morrison teachers to meet, receive training, and learn from each other.

提醒您,在二月27日(四)下午,以及二月28日(五)全天,是馬禮遜的教師專業訓練日,學生在星期四只上半天課,下午則是教師們的專業教育訓練。我們當天會在11:40放學, 校車則在11:50準時發車。教師專業教育訓練日是讓老師們受訓,互相觀摩及學習。禮拜四早上正常8:45上學,星期五則不上課。


Middle School volleyball Exchange is happening on Saturday, March 7th @ MAC, bus sign ups and information was sent out by Mr. Gregg. Please contact greggj@mca.org.tw if you have any questions.

三月7日(六)將在MAC舉辦中學部排球交換賽。Mr. Gregg已經寄出交通車登記表以及報名等訊息。如有任何問題請與Mr. Gregg聯繫greggj@mca.org.tw


Math Club will be selling homemade pies on Friday, March 13th in honor of “Pi Day” on 3.14 (π) to support the MAK Math Competition. Our club has been holding MAK Math Competitions since 2014, seeking to stimulate children’s passion and interest in math.

There are three available pie flavors, all made by Mrs. Griffin and the math club: lemon cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and raspberry.  All proceeds go towards the equipment, medals, and trophies used during the competition.

If you want pies, please pre-order so we can hold them for you. Some additional pies are sold on March 13, but they sell out quickly.  Each pie will cost 40NT. You will get a box for every six pies you order. If you order two boxes (12 pies), you will get a discount price of 450NT! All payments will be collected upon pick up in the MPR!

Click here to pre-order! We greatly appreciate your support!  


我們販售的手工創意派檸檬起司蛋糕、巧克力慕斯,以及覆盆莓等三種口味,所有的手工創意派皆由Mrs. Griffin以及數學社的成員親手製作烘焙的。所有的營收將成為數學競賽中所用到的器材設備、獎牌以及獎盃,等支出。



The MAK HS Art Club is hosting our 3rd annual Spring Art Show! This year, the suggested theme is “Embracing Our Differences”. The exhibition will begin on March 27 (Parent Teacher Conference Day) and end in 2 weeks. 

To get your artwork showcased, participate in the Spring Art Competition! All themes and mediums are welcome. Artists are encouraged but not restricted to follow the suggested theme: Embracing Our Differences. Placed artists in the following categories—each Elementary grade, grades 6~8, and in High school—will receive awards and prizes. The artwork that best represents “Embracing Our Differences” will get an exclusive reward. Please submit your artwork to Ms. Newkirk by March 16

Please contact MAK HS Art Club at makartclub@mca.org.tw with your questions and concerns. Thank you! 


請報名參加春季藝術賽以獲得參展機會。請於3/16前繳交作品給Mrs. Newkirk。 我們鼓勵參賽作品以建議主題「擁抱差異」進行創作,但可以自由發揮,並不侷限於此主題。高中、國中,和小學的各個年級將會選出前三名優秀作品,優勝者將會獲頒獎品。 全部參賽作品中,最符合主題「擁抱差異」的作品將獲頒春季藝術展中的卓越獎。

若有任何問題,請洽詢馬禮遜高中美術社 makartclub@mca.org.tw。謝謝您!


The Shark Review: MAK文學雜誌春季詩集 「似曾相識」
請於三月25日(三)前將把您的詩寄到 sharkreview@mca.org.tw


We’ve changed the dates of a few school events. Please mark these NEW DATES in your calendar! For any events that are not listed below, the dates and times have not changed. Click here to view MAK’S school calendar online.