February 20, 2020


Teachers’ Professional Learning Days
Thursday, February 27 (half-day in the afternoon) & Friday, February 28 (all day)
教師專業教育訓練日 – 二月27日(星期四下午半天)以及二月28日(星期五整天),2020年

This is a reminder that Morrison will have Teachers’ PL Days on the afternoon of Thursday, February 27 and all day on Friday, February 28. School will be dismissed at 11:40AM on Thursday, February 27 and the school buses will leave at 11:50AM. There will be no change to the Thursday Late Start class time of 8:45AM. No classes will be held on Friday, February 28 and students will stay home. These Professional Learning days are system-wide designated times for all Morrison teachers to meet, receive training, and learn from each other.

提醒您,在二月27日(四)下午,以及二月28日(五)全天,是馬禮遜的教師專業訓練日,學生在星期四只上半天課,下午則是教師們的專業教育訓練。我們當天會在11:40放學, 校車則在11:50準時發車。教師專業教育訓練日是讓老師們受訓,互相觀摩及學習。禮拜四早上正常8:45上學,星期五則不上課。

MAK Health Clinic wants to remind you:
Why Is Hand Washing So Important?
It’s a message worth repeating — hand washing is by far the best way to keep kids from getting sick and prevent the spread of germs.
Click this link to learn more: https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/hand-washing.html
點由此連結至網站查看更多相關訊息: https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/hand-washing.html



If you purchase hot lunches or milk for your child(ren), please refer to the note below from our Director of Finance, in regards to the two weeks of online learning:

Normally, refunds for optional services are not offered, but due to the extended online learning period, Morrison is willing to reimburse the lunch and milk program fees for the previous 2 weeks. You will receive information in March during registration for next school year about how to claim a refund and it will be applied as a discount for next semester’s lunch or milk program. If your child is graduating or leaving Morrison, there will be a cash option. If you do not claim any refund, be assured that Morrison will put the money to good use to further enhance our school.

如果您的孩子這學期有訂購牛奶或者午餐,請詳閱以下總務長的說明 (有關2/3-2/14兩週線上學習的餐費):

馬禮遜學校通常不提供退款服務,但由於延長了線上學習的時間,校方願意退還這兩週午餐或者牛奶費用。我們將在三月開始接受辦理,下學年註冊手續時,您將收到有關申請退款的資訊,該退款將用以扣抵下學期的牛奶、午餐費用。如果您的孩子即將畢業或離開馬禮遜學校,您可以選擇現金退款。 如果您不要求退款,也請您放心,馬禮遜學校會將這筆錢用來進一步改善我們的餐飲計劃。謝謝您!

Dear Parents and Students,

We hope you are enjoying your first week back to school! As a reminder, the new date for the Talent Show is Saturday, March 21st from 6-8 pm. This Friday, February 21st, is the last day to buy early bird tickets for 200 NT. On Monday, February 24th, the price will increase to 300 NT.The price for tickets at the door (including 6 food/drink tickets) is 400 NT.

HouseCo 2019-20

親愛的 MAK 家長和學生,

HouseCo 2019-20 敬上


Pi Day is coming (3/14)!
Get ready for pre-orders soon and stay tuned for more information!




Since MAK has had Online Classes for the past 2 weeks, we’ve changed the dates of a few school events. Please mark these NEW DATES in your calendar! For any events that are not listed below, the dates and times have not changed. Click here to view MAK’S school calendar online.