December 19, 2019

A word from our Principal…

As we come to the end of the first semester, I would like to reflect on Gratitude.  You may remember that Gratitude is our theme this year. Here is my Gratitude list for this year.

  • I am grateful MAK is filled with hard-working students.  I have observed students involved in Junior Research Presentations, 8th grade Ted Talks, a 4th-grade Publishing Party, a 7th grade Bible Debate, and many other high-quality learning activities that demonstrate a considerable amount of effort from students. 
  • I am grateful MAK is filled with caring students. It has been exciting to see elementary students participate in kindness challenges, middle school students oversee Christian Service Learning projects, and high school students help fill the container for Zambia.
  • I am grateful MAK is filled with competent teachers.  Your children are being educated daily by teachers who really care about your children and are equipped to help them succeed in high levels of learning.  Teachers are helping students as they are “Journeying beyond knowledge to wisdom.”
  • I am grateful MAK is filled with self-sacrificing support staff.  Lunch is served, bathrooms are cleaned, phones are answered, and lawns are mowed by a group of people who do not receive much praise. They do this job because they love MAK.
  • I am grateful MAK is filled with supportive parents. Your support, gifts, and encouragement are wonderful. Thank you for entrusting your precious children to us.  

I hope you have a terrific holiday and a Merry Christmas.
See you next year. – Julie Heinsman



  • 我很感激MAK有一群勤奮認真的學生。其中包括11年級的研究報告、八年級的Ted Talks、四年級的出版社、七年級的聖經辯論會,以及其他許多高品質的學習活動,都是我所觀察到由學生們致力於學習而做出的貢獻。
  • 我很感激MAK滿有關心他人的學生。看到小學生參與在「良善挑戰賽」、中學生參與在「基督服務學習」的計畫,以及高中生協助裝滿即將寄去贊比亞的貨櫃,真是令人感到激勵以及欣慰!
  • 我很感激MAK有一群稱職的老師。您的孩子每日都由真正關心他們的老師教導著,這些老師同時也致力於協助您的孩子在高水準的教育中成功學習。老師們亦秉持著『始於知識、臻於智慧』的態度與您的孩子在學習的這條道路上同行。
  • 我很感激MAK有一群充滿犧牲奉獻精神的員工。午餐備餐、乾淨的洗手間、有人接聽電話,以及整齊的草皮!這些都由一群默默付出卻不常受到讚美的員工所完成的!因著對MAK的愛,他們竭盡所能地完成這些工作!
  • 我很感激MAK有一群高度支持的家長們。您的支持、禮物,以及鼓勵,真是太棒了!謝謝您的信任,將您寶貴的孩子們交予我們!

校長 – 韓茱莉

Half Day for Teachers’ PL – Friday, December 20, 2019  – 教師半日在職訓練-2019年12月20日(五)

This is a reminder that Friday, December 20th will be a Half Day for Teachers’ PL Day. School will be dismissed at 11:30AM and the school buses will leave at 11:45AM.This is a system wide Professional Learning day for all teachers to meet, receive training, and learn from each other.

Christmas Holiday Break: Monday, December 23 to January 3, 2020
聖誕假:12月23日 ~ 2020年1月3日

This is a reminder that Morrison Academy will be closed for Christmas Holiday Break from Monday, December 23 to Friday, January 3, 2020. We wish each MAK family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful time with family! School will resume on Monday, January 6th, 2020!

提醒您,今年的聖誕假是從12/23 (一)到 2020年1月3日 (五) 。我們誠摯地希望每個MAK的家庭都有個美好的聖誕節期以及和家人團聚的美好時光。記得,我們2020年1月6日(一)開學喔!


So much help….for Zambia. Thanks MAK!
謝謝MAK!對贊比亞的. 大力支持….







Dear Parents, 親愛的家長,
Howard Hotel has invited us to perform on the 21st of this month. If your children are going, please sign them up by this Friday Miss Mai can start preparing accordingly. Howard will provide snack boxes to all performers; you must sign up to receive one.





This semester’s ASA program will have its final session today, December 19. We will begin new ASA classes in January. Parents and students will have an opportunity to sign up for next semester ASA choices the week of January 6th. On January 7th and 9th we will not have ASA in order to provide time to organize the new classes. We will provide supervised activities for students who ride the bus home at 4:30p.m. Students who do not ride the bus can be picked up at 3:15p.m.


Announcing brand new Brinkman Adventures CD release!!! Click here for more information.
《布林克曼歷險記》全新專輯發行!!! 請點擊此處查看更多訊息。

MATH COMPETITION IS BACK! This year’s competition will be held on JANUARY 16TH & 17TH. The competition includes multiple-choice questions, team activities, and head-to-head rounds.  Grades K-3 will participate in non-competitive group activities. Grades 4-5 will be teamed up in collaborative group games but will also do individual tests. Middle schoolers will participate in both group and individual math activities. Top students from each middle school level will continue on to compete in the head-to-head contests.  We have had a blast in the past 6 years and we hope you will enjoy the upcoming one as well!
數學競賽又回來了!今年的比賽將於1月16日至17日舉行。比賽包括多選題,團隊活動和一對一決賽。 K-3年級將參加非競爭性的小組活動。 4-5年級會分成小組做一些團隊遊戲,但也會進行個別測試。中學生將參加小組和個人數學活動。每個中學部年級的頂尖學生將繼續參加完成一對一決賽。在過去的6年中,我們經歷了一場又一場精彩絕倫的數學競賽,希望您也會喜歡即將到來的競賽!

Morrison Academy Taichung Boarding Program Informational Meeting

Living in a dorm while going to high school, is a unique program offered by Morrison Academy at our Taichung Campus.  On January 9th at 10:45 am, Boarding Director Dee Falk will be visiting MAK to share about the boarding program at MAC. All students and parents that are planning on applying to the dorm for the 2020-21 school year are required to attend this meeting.  Any other interested Parents and Students are welcome to join this meeting to learn more about the boarding program and high school at MAC.

馬禮遜學校在台中校區有提供在上高中時的宿舍。1月9日上午10:45,宿舍總監Dee Falk將訪問MAK,分享關於MAC住宿計劃的信息。 計劃在2020-21學年申請宿舍的所有學生和家長都必須參加此會議。 歡迎其他有興趣的家長和學生參加本次會議,以了解有關MAC寄宿計劃和高中的更多信息。


Results from Last Week’s Games 上週賽事快報

On December 9, JV Boys Basketball loss vs I-Shou International (26-43); Varsity Boys Basketball loss vs I-Shou International (47-54)
On December 10, Varsity girls won vs I-Shou International School 78-7 with a commanding performance. The varsity women had 5 players hit double digits for points. Annette Huang led the team scoring 18. Halona Stephenson recorded a game high of 12 rebounds with Anna Laytham close behind on 10 as well as 4 steals. Carmen Clemente registered 6 assists and was tied for steals with 4 as well.
On December 13, JV Boys lost to Yang Ming Junior High (57-86)
On December 14, Varsity Boys Basketball beat vs Fung Shan High School (66-54). Vince Huang scored 27 points and Joseph Tsai scored 28 points.

12月9日: JV男子籃球隊以26比43敗給義守國際中學;Varsity男子籃球校隊以47比54敗給義守國際中學。
12月10日:Varsity女子籃球校球以78比7擊敗義守國際中學。女子籃球校隊中有五位球員取得十位數字的分數。Annette Huang帶領球隊且獨得18分。Halona Stephenson以搶了12個籃板球破了球賽紀錄,Anna則以搶了10個籃板球以及四次截球緊追在後。Carmen Clemente則以六次助攻以及四次截球並列紀錄。
12月14日:Varsity男子籃球校隊以66比54擊敗鳳山高中。Vince Huang獨得27分,Joseph Tsai獨得28分。