Impact Program

MAK’s Impact Program seeks to inspire and encourage students in their journey beyond knowledge to wisdom. Each year of the middle and high school programs has a developmentally appropriate theme that is coupled with one or more activities designed to challenge and motivate our students. Impact Program activities are required for all MAK students.

[wpf-accordion-pane title=”6th Grade” active=”active”]Theme: Crossing Over

Retreat to Sun Moon Lake

  • To grow in maturity, leaving behind elementary school behaviors as they cross over to middle school
  • To gain confidence, communication skills, self-control, and class unity
  • To see how God can be present and help in these struggles


In the fall of the school year, the Grade 6 class goes on a three-day retreat to the Holy Love Camp at Sun Moon Lake. As the trip begins, students reflect on the struggles they have faced entering middle school — emotional, academic, organizational, or relational. Then, as they engage in team-building activities, stand-up paddleboarding, canoeing, and a DIY raft, they face these struggles and have an opportunity to mature in them. Small group time and personal devotions give them a chance to hear how God is interested in these struggles and wants to help.

[wpf-accordion-pane title=”7th Grade”]Theme: Building Bridges
Cultural trips to various locations in southern Taiwan

  • To understand and experience Taiwan’s various cultures
  • To appreciate differences in others and see how to connect with others
  • To grow in class unity


The Grade 7 class goes on three field trips throughout the year, focusing on different parts of Taiwan’s history and culture. By visiting places like Sandimen, Lukang, Anping Fort, Cijin, and the 228 Museum, students not only learn Taiwan’s rich history, but see how even in conflict, there are valuable perspectives to be learned, and that by understanding those perspectives, bridges can be built. We anticipate expanding this program to include more time for students to connect this with their own lives and to see how they can build bridges with others.

[wpf-accordion-pane title=”8th Grade”]Theme: Doing Hard Things
Outdoor Leadership Retreat

  • To grow in confidence to do hard things
  • To accept how God is challenging them to live their lives on purpose
    To grow in leadership


During the year, the Grade 8 class reads a book called Do Hard Things, which shows them that teenagers are capable of doing amazing things for God if they are willing to take the challenge. In October of each year, the Grade 8 class goes camping in a rugged area of Taiwan to show them this in a practical way. They are challenged by not only cooking their own food but also by other physical challenges through the activities of the camp. They grow in their willingness to take risks through challenges such as rock climbing, river tracing, obstacle course, and maybe even an exciting jump off a cliff into a pool! Students reflect on what other challenges God is giving them an opportunity to do, and encouraged to step out and lead for His glory!

[wpf-accordion-pane title=”9th Grade” active=”active”]Theme: Grow with Purpose

Biology trip to Kenting and Green Island


  • To grow in maturity and class unity
  • To engage in real relationships with peers
  • To observe changing ecosystems
  • To experience Taiwan’s diverse environment


During Impact Week, our 9th graders go on a five-day trip to Kenting and Green Island. On this trip, students will examine the impact of human beings upon the environment by studying the effects of technology and ecotourism on both terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Topics to be studied will include indigenous species, invasive species, and the impact of technology upon the livelihood of local fishermen and merchants and the changes these can have on the marine ecosystem. The purpose of this trip is not only to complement the 9th-grade biology program but also to promote class unity and growth in maturity as freshmen begin high school together.

[wpf-accordion-pane title=”10th Grade”]Theme: Lead with Character
Five-day outdoor adventure challenge


  • To more clearly and firmly establish identity and purpose in life
  • To accomplish physical and emotional challenges that will build personal character
  • To rely on the help of God and of peers in accomplishing difficult goals
  • To grow in leadership ability
  • To experience the beauty of nature and of Taiwan


The typical sophomore student at MAK is coming into a clearer understanding of personal identity and leadership capabilities. During Impact Week, sophomores go on a five-day trip to Taiwan’s rugged central mountain range or challenging coastal areas with Outward Bound, an outdoor education company. The main purpose of this experience is to grow in courage as sophomores take on more significant leadership roles in high school. Students are asked to carry their own gear, to cook, and to spend a day leading their hiking or rowing groups. Reflection times in the outdoors focus on leadership strengths and on establishing a clear purpose in life that will connect to current leadership opportunities in the MAK high school.

[wpf-accordion-pane title=”11th Grade”]Theme: Serve Others
Solutions Project
International service-learning trip


  • To examine issues of social justice in Taiwan & the world
  • To cultivate a service-centered heart and mind
  • To serve the broader community as well as the local community
  • To foster feelings of responsibility in solving problems in a community
  • To positively influence others through Christian service and mission


Because 11th-grade students are more established in their understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses as leaders, the junior experience focuses on the broader community. The first component has an academic focus as juniors work on a large research project that asks students to explore a local problem in Taiwan, such as those relating to birth rate, pollution, health care, or poverty, by conducting research in various media sources and through interviews with local experts in that field. Presentations propose a realistic solution to that problem in Taiwan. The second component is an international service-learning trip to Southeast Asia. The junior class raises money each year for this service trip. On the trip students study the history and culture of the region, work on a project in a village community, and discuss issues of social justice and how to pursue solutions to these issues.

[wpf-accordion-pane title=”12th Grade”]Theme: Leave a Legacy
Leaders on Grades 6-11 Impact Trips
Transitions Retreat


  • To intentionally leave behind a positive legacy at MAK
  • To further cultivate leadership skills and mentorship abilities
  • To begin to transition from high school to university
  • To experience working and communicating in the real world
  • To explore a personal vision on how, through college and career, one might have a positive impact on the world


Senior year at MAK has two main focuses within our Impact program: impacting MAK during their last year, and preparing themselves for life after MAK. In the Fall semester, seniors focus on how they can intentionally leave a positive legacy at MAK through intentional interactions with rest of the student body and leadership positions within the Impact program itself. Seniors apply to be leaders on the Middle School and High School Impact trips and are placed on different trips according to skills, character, and strengths. In the Spring semester, students attend Morrison’s Transitions Retreat in which students prepare themselves to say goodbye to their communities and to transition to university in another country.