Elementary School Overview


At MAK our elementary program gives students a strong academic and social foundation that will help them as they grow and develop into maturing students. Our goal is to provide each student with quality academics and a caring community.

Academic Excellence

Elementary students at MAK study the following core courses: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Bible.  In addition, students also take special classes such as Library, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Chinese that help students to become well-rounded individuals. Our teachers diligently work to assist students in reaching their academic goals each year.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

To reinforce the academic content learned in class, teachers often take students on field trips so that students can have a first-hand look at the world around them.  Some places that our students have gone on trips include: Tainan Zoo; Meinong; Kaohsiung Science Museum; Love River for a lantern festival; an area of rural Taiwan to explore farming life; an active mud volcano; Sontenkan, a living ideas farm; and Wushulin, a sugar refinery, and old railway!  We also have a very exciting after school activities program that meets twice a week for elementary students.  Students can choose from a wide variety of extra-curricular activities including cooking, martial arts, sports, computer, string ensemble, and much more. Students enjoy using this time to explore their gifts and talents.

Character Development

In addition to academics we also emphasize character development.  Each month a student from each grade level is awarded for exemplary behavior corresponding to elements of our “Vision for our Learners” which include: Christ Follower, Effective Communicator, Rational and Critical Thinker, Life-Long Learner, Moral and Ethical Citizen, and Steward of Quality of Life.  These awards are given to students who are nominated by their classmates.

Building Community

To promote a caring community, our elementary teachers often rally together for joint events in which all elementary students and parents can participate.  Past elementary school programs include the Character Parade, Thanksgiving Dinner at School, Reading Day, and Spiritual Emphasis Week.  Our helpful parent volunteers work together with teachers to create these meaningful experiences for our elementary students.

Our elementary school at MAK is deeply committed to helping students grow and develop by providing them with both quality academics and a caring community.