5th Grade

5th grade is all about developing to become independent learners in preparation for middle school. Through lessons, discussions, projects, and literature, 5th graders are challenged to think critically and ask hard questions.

Bible in 5th grade consists of students taking a deeper look into the Old Testament stories and characters. Through reading the Bible, prayer, and listening to other perspectives, students are challenged reflect on their own lives and answer the question on how to make good choices.

Language Arts time consists of reading books with various themes and ideas. A large focus in 5th grade is on non-fictional text. We start off the year taking a close look into human rights and end the year on reading informational text on natural disasters and their effect on people’s lives. In writing we go through the writing process and take a closer look on how to write narratives, graphic novels, opinion pieces, and expository writing.

In Social Studies we study a few key events in American history. 5th grade starts with learning about explorers who colonized America. Throughout the year we continue to learn about the American Revolution and end with the Civil war. There are many projects during each unit that allows students to think outside the box and practice their research skills.

5th grade Science is a fun time to learn about the world around us. The year starts with many in-class science experiments learning about states of matter and their characteristics. We move on to life science and the human impact on the world around us.

5th grade is an important year for students to own their learning. We focus a lot on responsibility with our school work and respect towards others. Incoming 5th graders should be ready to work hard and have fun.