2nd Grade

Second graders at MAK work very hard at developing their reading and writing skills. This is one of the main focuses for the year. Students learn many reading and writing strategies that can be used for the rest of their lives. They also get to enjoy hearing lots of stories told to them during Read-A-Loud time in class each day. We read through many funny and adventurous stories.

Students spend time in second grade asking questions to help them understand more about math. They find many different strategies that allow them to solve real life math problems in multiple ways. It is always exciting to see students begin to understand why things work in math and how to apply that to life.

In Science, students learn about the world around them by studying topics such as properties and states of matter, diversity within ecosystems, and changes of the earth. Students learn through investigating phenomena and doing hands on experiments to test hypotheses. Social Studies lessons will provide students an opportunity to practice research skills and apply their new understandings in real world situations. In 2nd grade, students will focus on understanding how people live in and influence the earth.