1st Grade


Hello, hello, and a warm welcome to you.
Let me tell you about life in our little zoo.

Here in First Grade we have a good time,
Be it learning how to spell, use punctuation, or rhyme.

Each morning we look forward to coming to school,
We’ll have fun today—it is a class rule.

We learn about so many subjects the whole day through,
Math, Language Arts, and Science to name a few.

Our days are full; here are some things we do,
I’ve learned so much; I can’t wait to tell you.

We might write a story today, or read a book.
Solve a Mr. Foggy mystery, if you know where to look.

Living and non-living things during Science time,
A nickel plus a nickel is a dime.

We earn MacBucks for decisions that are right,
Little things that make others people’s day bright.

Sometimes we behave so well we earn a special reward,
Games inside or Monster Tag: there’s no time to be bored.

We’ve learned how to think as we read in Reader’s Workshop,
John Henry beat the steam engine, and then his heart came to a stop.

Miss Viola Swamp as a substitute teacher would be scary,
We lose so many teeth we wear out the Tooth Fairy.

Animals, countries, contractions, and sums,
I could go on till the morning comes.

But best of all, we know God’s love for us runs deep,
And He’s given us good commandments to keep.

We treat each other with kindness and love,
This makes Him smile from above.

Mr. MacDonald’s 1 Grade is a special place to be,
I’d describe it as warm, alive, happy, and free.

Come by oh please, you must see to believe!
Be careful, though, you may just never want to leave.