9th Grade

Morrison Academy Kaohsiung’s ninth grade program is highly rigorous and challenges students to think for themselves. As ninth grade is the first year of high school, our teaching team is very intentional about preparing students in the foundational skills of critical thinking, writing, discussion, use of technology, and organization. 

Along with core subjects such as Algebra, Geometry, Biology, World History, Literature, and Bible, students have the opportunity to study electives such as music performance, technology and media, Chinese, and physical education.  

To encourage a well-rounded educational experience here at MAK, our ninth grade students are encouraged to participate in Junior Varsity sports, which include volleyball, soccer, and basketball. These teams travel around Taiwan to compete in tournaments with other international schools.

Ninth grade students are also given a number of opportunities to serve our local community by participating in Christian Service Learning projects. These experiences broaden the understanding of our neighbors and provide practical application for the many discussions we have about living lives of service. This fosters a sense of stewardship and philanthropy that ultimately shapes character.  

At the end of the school year the ninth grade students travel together on the annual ninth grade class trip. This time brings closure to the year and promotes a sense of unity as classes prepare for the next years of high school.

This year’s class sponsor teachers are Matt Newkirk (newkirkm@mca.org.tw) and Melissa Brabon (brabonm@mca.org.tw). Feel free to contact them if you have further questions about our ninth grade program.


The following courses are required for all 9th grade students:
English 1
Algebra 1 / Geometry
World History
PE Lifetime Fitness
The following electives are available on site:
Yearbook             Semester Class
Music Ensemble  Semester Class
Media 1               Semester Class
Spanish 1            Year Class
Online electives for 9th graders include:
Economics                  Semester Class
Psychology                 Semester Class
Journalism                  Semester Class
Forensic Science        Semester Class
Marine Science           Year Class
Earth Science             Year Class
Creative Writing 1        Year Class
Personal Finance        Semester Class