Looking Back from Spring 2018 回顧今年

One of the favorite recollections from childhood is from a hike my family used to go on several times each year in Hong Kong. The hike began with about an hour of steps, non-stop, through a thick brush and forest. In the summer heat, it was gruelling, especially for an elementary school student! I vividly remember counting drops of sweat dripping off the end of my nose on the stone steps. But after an hour, the forest cleared, and the view was incredible: ocean, islands, and rolling mountains. But more importantly, we could see the tiny road from which we started below us and could be amazed at how far we’d come.


During these last two weeks of the school year, I’ve been able to take some time to reflect back on where we’ve come as a school these last two years, and I’ve been enjoying the view.


Since the fall of 2016, I’ve spoken a lot with parents about how a good education is about three key ingredients: knowing, being, and doing. At MAK we’re always looking at ways to improve in these three aspects so that we can play an important part in the spiritual, character, and academic development of the next generation. The following areas of growth for us, whether having to do with knowing, being, doing, or some combination of the three, are reasons to sit back and celebrate as we enter the summer holidays.

自從 2016 年秋季,我就常跟家長們聊好的教育有三個關鍵:知識,作為,和實行。在 MAK,我們一直在尋找可以加強這三個方面的方法,以扮演在下一代的心靈,人格和學業發展的重要角色。當我們迎接暑假的同時,以下幾個層面的成長,是讓我們能好好慶祝的原因。


The 3 Bs 三個 B

This year we extended our 2016-2017 elementary school behavior rules into middle school: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Engaged. This has helped our middle school students clearly understand school expectations. Read more here.

今年,我們延伸去年 2016 – 2017 學年度國小行為指標到國中部:尊重,負責,融入。這幫助我們的國中生更清楚的了解學校對他們的期待。延伸閱讀請按此

Secondary Advisory Program  國高中輔導課

For two years now we’ve been proud to say that every one of our secondary students has an adult mentor on campus. This year our Advisory Coordinators have continued to refine our weekly lessons to effectively promote social, academic, and spiritual growth.  


Elementary CommUNITY Week 國小社區活動週

For the second year running, our elementary school has dedicated a full week in the fall to student character growth. Our hope is that these weeks can help our ES students understand what it means to have character like Jesus. Read more here.


Secondary House Program 國高中學院制度

We’ve furthered the leadership and mentorship possibilities within houses by changing our Student Council to a House Council, and by reorganizing our lockers by house instead of by grade level.


Parent Workshops 家長座談會

This year we worked to increase our parent-school connection by hosting three workshops on technology and the home. Keep an eye out for more parents workshops in the coming year!



Impact Week 戶外教學週

This past fall we combined all our 6-12 Impact Program trips into the same week. This not only made our student travel more convenient but also gave seniors the opportunity to be leaders on each of our grade 6 to 11 trips. Read more here.



Student-Voice Conferences 學生會議

For two years now we’ve included students in our parent-teacher conference. This has made conferences not just about grades but rather a conversation about the whole student.


Sharknet: Sharkademics & Relationsharks  「鯊關係」和「鯊令營」

If a middle schooler is struggling either socially or academically, they are now required to take part in our Relationsharks or Sharkademic programs, in which they meet weekly with a high school mentor.


Inter-School Transitions  升學過渡期

This year teachers worked extra with both students and parents to ease the transition from ES to MS and MS to HS by hosting workshops for parents and transition activities for kids.


Process and Product Grades in Middle School  國中部過程與結果成績

In a major step move toward standards-based grading, our middle school staff began separating behavior elements of grades from purely academic elements. This has helped clarify for teacher, parents, and students alike how they are really doing in their classes. Read more here.



Middle School Exploratory Courses  國中探索課

For two years now, our middle school exploratory courses have emphasized creativity, risk-taking, and collaboration. Read more here.


Middle School Fine Arts Program  國中藝術課

One major change to our middle school schedule this year has been the addition of a dedicated Performing Arts period. Now all middle school students are required to participate in theater, set design, band, or orchestra. This has provided a major boost to our performing arts programs!



Mastery Connect in Elementary School  國小的 Mastery Connect

This year our elementary staff took on the use of Mastery Connect for recording student progress. The result has been an increased focus on specific learning benchmarks and mastery of those outcomes. Read more here.

今年,我們國小部教職員利用 Mastery Connect 的系統來記錄學生的進度。在幫助加強學生較弱的學習評效上,成果顯著。延伸閱讀請按此

MAP Testing (Grades 1-10)  MAP 測驗 (一至十年級)

This year we began our second year of the MAP test, which has provided our grade 1-10 math and language arts teachers with oodles of data to guide instruction.

今年是我們用 MAP 測驗的第二年,這個測驗提供老師們,在一至十年級的數學及語言上,許多參考指數。

MS Resource Period  國中資源時間

Another scheduling change in middle school has been the addition of a Resource Period each Friday. This 40-minute gem has allowed students time to meet with teachers, review their week, or take make-up assessments.



High School Elective Period  高中選修課

Like in middle school, our high school schedule changes have also allowed for more creativity in student learning. Three times each week our high schoolers have a genuine elective period in which they can pursue the arts, robotics, current issues, or programming. See more here.


Senior Capstone  十二年級總整課程

These final two changes are in the works still, but I can’t resist including them here. Next year our seniors have the chance to pursue their own passion project in our new Senior Capstone course. Here they will be able to apply what they’ve learned throughout high school and partner with a professional mentor to produce something amazing.

最後兩個變化還在進行中,但我還是想提出來說。明年,我們十二年級學生,在十二年級總整課程裡會有機會追求他們有興趣的題材。在此,他們將可以 實際應用 整個高中所學,並與一個專業的的良師一起創造很棒的作品。

School Maker Spaces  創客空間

Finally, as a result of our Annual Fund efforts this year (through which we raised over 700,000NTD!), we are in the midst of building two maker areas in the elementary school, enhancing our Media Lab, and constructing a secondary school Creation Lab – complete with several new 3-D printers and a top-of-the-line laser cutter. The possibilities are endless.

終於,在今年年終募款的努力下(共募了台幣七十多萬元!),我們目前正在國小部,建造兩個創客空間,來補強媒體室。而在國高中部,我們在建設一個創造室,其中裝置許多新的 3D 影印機和頂級雷射切刀。未來學生將有無限的創造空間。

Needless to say, the view from the top of the hill is quite incredible. Not only that, but the path ahead looks great as well. We could not be the exciting learning community we are without the tremendous efforts of our gifted and passionate staff and without you, our supportive parent community. As I’ve said many times this year, it is so good to follow Jesus – and it’s so fun to be a part of the adventures on which He leads us! Thank you for joining us on our adventure; have a restful summer.